654 S. Myers St. Los Angeles CA 90023 - 213-788-4482
654 S. Myers St. Los Angeles CA 90023 - 213-788-4482



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Are pets allowed?

For the safety of our guests. we require pets be contained in their proper cages/carriers for the duration of their stay, regardless of their size.

Are prop guns allowed?

Prop guns must be checked in with our Site Rep on the day of production and be accompanied by a licensed professional and handler.

May we smoke on site?

Smoking is allowed in our parking lot, alley & escape tunnel. Although we are 420 friendly, we require prior notice as additional charges may apply.


Nope. Not in any of its many forms.

How do overtime charges work?

Overtime begins one minute after the initial contract expires & is at WarehouseLA’s discretion. Hour long increments are available only. Please book accordingly to allow time for clean up & load out, as you will be charged for time spent on the premises, regardless of whether you’re shooting.

Are minors allowed on site?

Yes, we require each child 10 and under to be accompanied by an adult at all times & stationed in one of our lounges or make up rooms. This is for the safety of your little ones. Although it is used as a film location, it is still a warehouse.

Can we drink on site?

No alcohol or drugs may be possesed or consumed on or near the facility. If this rule is broken, WarehouseLA reserves the right to end your production immediately and will not be entitled to a refund.

What is a Site Rep & why do I need him/her?

Our trained Site Reps are intimately familiar with the building and are a vital safety and time saving tool. They will coordinate load-in, operate house & LED lights, operate the elevator, supply rental gear & many other tasks throughout your stay.

the Facility

contact our Operations Manager for more info

Operating Hours

Office hours are 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday. Tours and Scouts are by appointment only, please. The facility is available for booking 24/7/365

Freight Elevator

Width: 7ft
Depth: 9ft
Height: 9ft
Door height: 7ft

Weight Restriction: 2500 lbs.

Extensive fight & dance scenes are not recommended inside the freight elevator. The elevator contains a seismic sensor that is triggered by significant movement & discontinues functionality, causing a certified inspector to be called with a minimum $350 charge billed to our client. Fight & Dance scenes have been performed in the past with no issues, but it is at your own risk of additional expense. It is strongly advised that all plans/ideas be signed off by WarehouseLA management prior to shoot. Also, keep in mind that elevator gates may be opened by talent, but gates will not raise smoothly. To put it another way, your talent will not look cool exiting the elevator if they show signs of struggle while opening the gate. There are work arounds, a tight shot while two PA’s open the gate off-camera does the trick nicely.

The elevator is to be used for freight only, no passengers. Exceptions may be made to help the elderly or disabled reach the second floor. Shooting is allowed as long as the elevator does not move/function during scene. Special permission must be granted if scene requires elevator movement.

Elevator stops on the following levels:

Ground Floor – accessible by Alley only, perfect for load in
Studio A – First Floor
Studio B – Second Floor
Studio B – Second Floor Mezzanine – just one set of stairs short of the roof

Elevator does not reach the rooftop.


contact our Operations Manager for more info

Is parking available on site?

Yes, please reference: Parking & Directions or contact our Operations Manager for details.

May we park in the neighborhood parking lots?

Unfortnately, no. Contact our Operations Manager for a list of lots that provide overflow parking, please. For provided parking, please reference: Parking & Directions


contact our Operations Manager for more info

Do you have gear on site?

Absolutely. Please reference: Gear – our 2-Ton Package is a popular item. Ala Carte rentals are available on the day of your production, but may be limited in availability. All rentals require a credit card be held by your Site Representative.

May we paint the cycwall (insert color here)?

Yes. Arrangements must be made with our Sales Manager at least one week prior to production. A fresh coat of white is $100. Chroma Green is $1000. Other colors: call for a quote.

Are wardrobe racks on site?

Yes, two in both Studio A & B.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, its free. 250mbps. Ask your Site Rep for details and access.

How many amps are available through cam lock access?

Cam lock offers 200 amps of power to each leg and is not independent our main house power. Cam Lock access is available for an additional cost. Please consult our Sales Manager for a quote.

How much power comes with the facility?

Both Studio A & B come equipped with one 100amp lunchbox with edison outlets. There are additional outlets throughout the building, but may only be used for lightweight production needs, such as laptops. Lights must be powered through lunchbox to minimize risk to equipment.



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