654 S. Myers St. Los Angeles CA 90023 - 213-788-4482
654 S. Myers St. Los Angeles CA 90023 - 213-788-4482
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Studio A

Night Club in Los Angeles

Night club for filming in Downtown Los Angeles, perfect for features, short films, and music videos. Film at our industrial warehouse that use to be utilized for underground parties and raves in Downtown Los Angeles. An open floor space with a plush red vinyl tufted bar counter along with high top bar stools. Our night club for filming includes power, bathrooms, parking and a makeup room. Over 7,000 sq ft of warehouse space for productions to utilize for your vision. 

Load-in is easy through our loading dock or by way of our parking lot.  A bathroom and Makeup Room is provided.  Multiple sets live throughout the space but may be reconfigured to suit your needs.  Stage is modular and may be moved with ease.  Raw sand blasted brick throughout.  Rough concrete floors.  Sanded bare wood.

Our Night Club for filming includes a performance Stage set that’s modular and configurable, a Bar set, a functional Arcade Room with several machines,  a VIP Mezzanine area for overhead shots of the Stage set. Everything you need for that underground club feel.  A gangsters hideaway, a rave scene, a coffeehouse, a jazz or blue club, or a state of the art modern dance club … this Nightclub has it all.  Come on in and take a tour of the space to see why our clients reaction is “WOW” every time they enter. 

Schedule a tour today and see why industry professionals prefer our night club for filming! Past clients include Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Two Chainz, Blue Face, Tory Lanez, Marshmellow, Adidas, and many more. Inquire today and schedule a tour below!


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